Peer Networks

Peer Networks are opportunities for connecting individuals, in real-time and online. Peer Networks are offered for MCF members who work at the same type of foundation or have similar job responsibilities or social identities to connect with peers, exchange information, and learn together.

Looking to Join a Peer Network?

  • Network meetings: Find meetings on our event calendar.
  • Peer email list discussions: Contact Kristen Cullen to join peer networks listed below.

 MCF Peer Networks

Administrative Professionals Network: for MCF member staff who support internal foundation staff members, including executive assistant work, administrative assistant work, governance, and operations work

CEO Network: for the leader of MCF member organizations

ComMotion Network: for communications and marketing staff

Community Foundation Network: for staff or board members taking an active role in operations of community foundations

Corporate Community Affairs Network: for all corporate foundation and community affairs staff; including a second series of meetings solely for senior executives

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Network: for individuals who work in DEI to connect with and learn from one another. Additionally, it serves as an opportunity for each person to see what work is being done within each other's organizations to create and foster diverse, equitable, and inclusive programming, training and development opportunities.

Family Foundation Network: for staff or board members taking an active role in operations of family foundations

Independent Foundation Network: for staff of independent foundations across Minnesota

Learning and Evaluation Network: for individuals working on learning and evaluation to support foundation success and effectiveness

People of Color (POC) Network: for individuals who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color working in philanthropy

Program Officers Network: for program officers and grantmakers