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Training & Professional Development

Curated programs and experiences covering a wide range of topics and skills to support your learning needs. 

About MCF Programs

Each year, you can count on MCF to offer a number of valuable programs that help you to connect, strengthen and mobilize your philanthropic work. Our programs are unique opportunities to dive into subjects that matter most to those who work within philanthropic spaces. Below is a listing of popular, recurring programs offered by MCF.

MCF Annual Conference

Each year, MCF hosts an annual opportunity for statewide networking and peer learning. In 2024, MCF will partner with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to host a joint Annual Conference, October 10-11, 2024 at the Saint Paul RiverCentre. Reach out to Paul Masiarchin with questions.

Transforming Philanthropy: Learning Community of Practice

Transforming Philanthropy

The Transforming Philanthropy: Learning Community of Practice (adapted from Transforming White Privilege curriculum), is a members-only intensive blended learning experience designed to help current and emerging leaders within the philanthropic sector to better identify and productively address white privilege and its consequences in their many different spheres of influence.

The self-paced, 20-module online curriculum contains a mix of videos, learning articles, and self-reflection activities paired with monthly peer conversations. By taking your time, pacing your learning, and completing the full curriculum, you will gain new perspectives about white privilege in the context of philanthropy.


Essentials in Philanthropy Series

Essentials in Philanthropy

The Essentials in Philanthropy Series features critical learning on skills and knowledge needed by foundation staff in a variety of roles. While providing promising practices on key topics in philanthropy, this series of programs goes beyond the basics, providing ideas and tools that participants will take back and apply immediately in their daily work. These sessions are offered at beginner- and intermediate-levels.

Member-Initiated Programs

Many of MCF's most successful programs start as ideas from our members. 

Member Briefings

Throughout the year, MCF members lead the way in planning a variety of thematic briefings. These are one-time, non-fundraising events for the purpose of connecting, strengthening or mobilizing the philanthropic sector.  Do you have an idea for a new briefing? Contact Paul Masiarchin and help build Minnesota's philanthropic sector.

Start a New Program

As a member of MCF, you may initiate a new program to connect, strengthen and mobilize the sector. The value of MCF comes from your active involvement and leadership. Contact Paul Masiarchin to explore ideas.