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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are a diverse and inclusive philanthropic community.

The Minnesota Council on Foundations advances diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and anti-racism throughout MCF and Minnesota’s philanthropic community. This commitment is present in everything we do. We are a diverse and inclusive philanthropic community, united by shared Principles for Philanthropy, and that is our power.

MCF’s diversity, equity and inclusion focus has taken a variety of forms over the years. Examples of our recent work include:

Internal Practices and Staff Capacity

  • Develop inclusive governance policies, practices and culture (2023)

  • Add the DEI committee chair to MCF’s executive committee (2023)

  • Participate in the United Philanthropy Forum’s Racial Equity Cohort (2020 and 2023)

  • Update employee policies with a DEI and anti-racism focus (2022)

  • Develop an equity-based compensation policy (2022)

  • Examine MCF’s internal culture and practices through the Transforming Organizational Culture Assessment (2021)

  • Define what DEI means to MCF (2020)
  • Develop an anti-racist commitment and framework (2020)
  • Develop a full-time Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion position (2019)
  • Add diversity, equity and inclusion to all MCF staff positions, including job descriptions, goals and annual reviews (2019)

Resources and Programs

  • Clarify MCF’s public commitment to DEI and anti-racism in our strategic framework and updated mission and vision (2022)
  • Host a DEI network, for MCF members whose roles include working on diversity, equity and inclusion (2022 through present)
  • Develop and host the Transforming Philanthropy curriculum (2021 through present)
  • Launch the updated Principles for Philanthropy, including a new Equity & Justice principle (2021)
  • Facilitate the People of Color network, for professionals of color in the field of philanthropy (2016 through present)
  • Host the Ron McKinley Philanthropy Fellows program to support emerging philanthropy professionals of color (2013-2019)
  • Publish the diverse vendor policy and resource list to encourage members to use their purchasing power to support diverse businesses (2011)