For You and the People
You Serve

When you become part of MCF you join a strong, nationally recognized tradition of grantmakers while gaining access to a vibrant philanthropic community; collectively advancing prosperity and equity in every part of the state. 

  • You connect with others who seek to bring new ideas and innovation to their work and to the practice of grantmaking.
  • You mobilize to achieve common goals. You commit to sharing the responsibility for upholding standards of quality that preserve the public's trust in philanthropy.
  • You join a learning community that helps you to strengthen skills and build knowledge. You gain access to people and the tools you need to have meaningful impact in the lives of the people and communities you serve. 

We are MCF

We are here to help you connect -- to the right information, the right tools and the right people. We provide a full team of support for all who work in our community of Minnesota grantmaking organizations.

  • Do you have a great idea to share with others?
  • Do you need information to help you do your work?
  • Is there an opportunity or challenge you see in the community that merits the attention of other grantmakers?
  • Are you looking to find others who do the same work you do, to share ideas and professional support?

Whatever the reason, we invite you to start a conversation with us. Our Member Services team (see below) wants to be there "in the moment" when you need help. Pick up the phone. Shoot us an email. Pull us aside at a meeting. We are committed to connecting you with the right person at MCF or elsewhere to answer your questions, move your ideas forward or provide you with the resources and support you need.

If you are part of an MCF member organization, contact us. Not a member? Let's talk about how you can get involved and realize the benefits of an MCF membership. Contact MCF's Member Engagement Manager, Kristen Cullen at 612.335.3417.

Get to Know Your Foundation Type Liaison

MCF membership liaisons are your "point of entry" contact for any question. Want to know more about how to best use your member services? Have a question about an event? Need help finding a resource? Want to know more about MCF?  Contact your membership liaison!

Community Foundations
Katina Mortensen, Director of Public Policy, is your lead contact at Community Foundations.
Contact 612.335.3597 or email

Your MCF membership provides access to a discount to Community Foundation Express Training. View our Member Discounts page for details.

Corporate Giving
Paul Masiarchin, Director of Member Services, is your lead contact if you advance philanthropy through Corporate Giving.
Contact 612.335.3418 or email

Family Foundations
Kristen Cullen, Member Engagement Manager, is your lead contact if you advance philanthropy through the work of a Family Foundation. 
Contact 612.335.3417 or

Your MCF membership provides access to resources from the National Center for Family Philanthropy. View our Member Discounts page for details.

Independent Foundations
Josh Vang, Member Services Manager, is your lead contact at private, Independent Foundations. 
Contact 612.335.3558 or

Opportunities for MCF Members

If you participate in advancing philanthropy in Minnesota as staff or a volunteer supporting an MCF-member organization, you have access to the following member-only opportunities:

  • Networks: In person and online, our various networks make it easy for you to meet and work with colleagues at other grantmaking organizations, working together to advance the field of philanthropy or create systems change. Through our networks you have exclusive access to conversations taking place via our listserv, an online community that our members use to connect and share resources.
  • Professional Development: Learn how grantmakers are strengthening their work by attending our annual conferenceworkshops, other programs, issue briefings and more for grantmaking leaders, staff, donor advisors, board members and trustees.
  • Visibility: We bring your organization's giving and community involvement stories to a wider audience with coverage in our publications, by the local media and more. 
  • Job Listings: Post your open positions for free on MCF's jobs board, visited over 8,000 times per month.
  • Voice: We provide a unified voice to strengthen and protect philanthropy and advance the voice of philanthropy in support of inclusion and equity by representing you before elected officials, the media, nonprofits and the general public.
  • Research and Support: We get to know you, your organization and its goals, and you receive personalized attention from the knowledgeable professionals on our member resource team (see above) and other members of our staff, all of whom are committed to helping you excel. Through our regular research publications and individualized requests, we’re here to help you to benchmark your work and improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Leadership: You can help shape the direction of philanthropy in Minnesota as a member of an MCF committee or on its board of directors. Members may sponsor special initiatives or initiate member briefings to strengthen philanthropy in Minnesota.
  • Leverage other resources: As an MCF member you have special access to: