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Grantmaking Data

Gain access to data about Minnesota's grantmaking landscape.

MCF relies on three data sources for our research on grantmaking in Minnesota. Data that foundations:

  • Submit to the IRS
  • Submit directly to our research partners at Candid
  • Submit directly to MCF

Together these data sources provide a big picture and high level landscape (IRS) and a detailed look at specific issue areas and funding priorities (Candid and MCF). These data sources allow us to produce the Giving in Minnesota report and allow Candid to produce other valuable research reports.

About the Giving in Minnesota Report

MCF produced the first Giving in Minnesota report in 1978, recognizing the importance of transparency in the field of philanthropy, and public interest in understanding the landscape of foundation giving in Minnesota. The report is made possible from a partnership between MCF and Candid.

Through this report, readers gain insights into the scale and scope of grants recently made by Minnesota institutions, and into Minnesota from institutions outside of the state. Readers can also find data related to overall grants given in the reporting year, plus details such as giving amounts by organization type, by region of the state (congressional district), from out-of-state funders, by subject area, and more.

Download the Latest Report

Download the 2023 Giving in Minnesota report. This edition features data on foundation giving from 2021, as collected by Candid or provided directly to MCF. It also features a survey MCF conducted this fall about the governance practices of our members.

How Can Minnesota's Funders Participate?

When Minnesota's funders submit their grantmaking data to Candid, they help ensure that our reports are an accurate reflection of their grantmaking priorities and strategies. Learn how to submit your grantmaking data in a few easy steps.

Download Past Editions