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Membership is open to grantmaking institutions and philanthropy serving organizations.

Joining MCF is a valuable investment in your organization, your staff & board, and the communities you serve.

Membership Criteria

Organizations that meet the following criteria may be eligible for membership:

1. Your organization is a grantmaking entity and distributes grants, and
2. Your organization keeps records of your grantmaking.

While members' grantmaking budgets, styles and program interests vary, all have a common concern for making their involvement in philanthropy as effective as possible. Members vary widely in asset size, years in existence, staff size and interest areas. For many of these same reasons, MCF's dues model is designed to match your organization's structure.

The following types of organizations are not eligible for membership:

  • Organizations without an internal or external documented grantmaking process
  • Individual philanthropists without donor-advised funds at MCF member institutions
  • Consultants, business advisors or students

MCF's good faith estimate of the value of goods and services provided to members is $750 annually. Thank you for supporting MCF as we collectively advance prosperity and equity. MCF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 41-1269275

Jill Chi


Do you have questions about whether you meet the membership criteria? Would you like to know more about how MCF can help you achieve your grantmaking goals and objectives? Please contact Jill Chi, MCF Member Engagement Manager.