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Private Foundation Dues

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Private Foundation Dues

Private foundation member dues are assessed based on assets. By assessing dues based on assets rather than on giving budgets, private foundation dues do not increase in years when the foundation releases a larger payout of grant funds. This provides more comparable dues between similar size foundations.

Private foundations self-report assets from their most recent completed fiscal year; this figure is generally found on 990PF, Page 2, Part II, Column (c), Line 16.


Dues Level

Under $1,000,000














































$3,000,000,000 & over


Foundations that Contract for Client Services

Private foundations that contract for client services with other MCF members are asked to join as independent MCF members.

Ready to Renew Your Membership?

Click here (working link is coming soon) to access the online membership form. Each organization has been assigned one primary contact; if you would like that contact changed or if you need additional help, please contact Kristen Cullen, Director of Membership and Communications. 

MCF's good faith estimate of the value of goods and services provided to members is $750 annually. Thank you for supporting MCF as we collectively advance prosperity and equity. MCF is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Tax ID: 41-1269275

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Contact Information

Please contact Kristen Cullen, Director of Membership and Communications, if you wish to discuss your MCF membership options. If the dues model creates a barrier for continued membership, please reach out to Kristen to determine an implementation plan.