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MCF members lead the work of our committees.

As a member-led association of grantmakers, MCF relies on the knowledge and experience of its members to address important organizational and sector related work. Committee membership is a great opportunity to build peer-to-peer connections, lend your voice to MCF's organizational strategy, and center community voices. We welcome all interested MCF members to join a committee. Committee terms are for one calendar year, with no term limits. To learn more about each committee and to see who is currently involved, please follow the links below.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee provides guidance on MCF’s strategies to promote DEI and anti-racism within the organization, among its members, and the philanthropic sector at large. This committee provides regular feedback and recommendations to MCF’s Board of Directors as it relates to DEI and anti-racism; consults, reviews, drafts, and amends MCF policies and practices in order to advance DEI and anti-racism; and champions inter-committee DEI work by providing committee liaison which serve on multiple MCF committees. Committee members also leverage their spheres of influence to advance progress on DEI and anti-racism in the field of philanthropy.

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is made up of officers of the MCF board and the chair of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee. The committee meets monthly with the MCF President and works to: develop and monitor annual board goals; develop agendas for upcoming board meetings; consider governance issues that arise between board meetings; make recommendations to the board of directors on various governance issues; and serve as counsel to the MCF President on issues which the president seeks input or guidance. Officers are voted on annual by the board of directors at MCF’s Annual Meeting of the Members. 

Finance, Administration and Audit Committee
The Finance, Administration and Audit Committee monitors MCF finances; recommends annual budget, including membership dues schedules to the board of directors; recommends finance and administration policies to the board as necessary; and advises staff on other financial and administrative issues as requested. The committee also provides the expertise needed to review and recommend approval of MCF’s annual independent audit.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee is responsible for ongoing recommendations to enhance the quality and viability of MCF's board and governance. Its activities focus on inclusive governance, organizational bylaws, and board and committee recruitment practices. 

Government Relations and Public Policy Committee
The Government Relations and Public Policy Committee develops recommendations for public policy positions affecting MCF’s legislative, regulatory, and administrative advocacy. The committee adopts an annual advocacy agenda reflecting MCF’s public priorities, and provides consultation to support the development and implementation of public policy services and programs for MCF members. Selected members may serve on a task force to work on special committee initiatives. Members also participate in and encourage membership involvement in MCF’s government relations and public policy activities.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee works with MCF staff to recruit and retain MCF members. The committee also recommends policies that guide membership eligibility, and develops strategies to expand MCF membership to engage new and emerging forms of organizational philanthropy. 

Program and Annual Conference Committee
The Program and Annual Conference Committee advises MCF staff in planning, implementing, and evaluating member educational programs in addition to the annual conference; helps formulate content to ensure high quality programs; and provides guidance in the design, implementation and evaluation of MCF’s activities targeted for specific grantmaker types.


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Interested in an MCF Committee?

Interested in serving on a committee of the Minnesota Council on Foundations? Please contact Brianna Kocka to learn which committees have openings, and how you can be a part of this important MCF work.