Impact Investing

What is Impact Investing?

Impact investing refers to investments made into companies, organizations and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return. (Source: Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN))

MCF empowers all MCF members who desire to invest their assets for positive and social environmental impact to do so in creative, collaborative and thoughtful ways; while uplifting MCF’s mission to collectively advance prosperity and equity within Minnesota.

Impact Investing History at MCF

In 2014, MCF members created the Mission Investing Steering Group. Due to an overwhelming response to participate, the group grew into the Mission Investing Network. As an official MCF peer network, the group created a charter, established member leadership and MCF staff support.

2020 Program Objectives

Guided by Susan Hammel, CFA, and MCF Executive in Residence and with the support of Paul Masiarchin, MCF’s Impact Investing Peer Network will be co-chaired by Donna Dalton (Mortensen Family Foundation) and Elizabeth McGeveran (McKnight Foundation) in 2020.

The Impact Investing Peer Network will focus on impact investing topics of interest to MCF members such as impact measurement, impact themes including small business financing, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and affordable housing, and general impact investing knowledge and education ranging from 101 level to expert.

2020 objectives include:

  • Act as a one stop shop for member questions about impact investing.
  • Facilitate engagement for collaboration by MCF members in the Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3).
  • Explore member-requested impact investing initiatives while providing subject-matter expertise, support and resources for such initiatives.

Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3)

The Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3) was created by the Minnesota Council on Foundations and its members in 2017, with a goal to raise $25 million to support affordable housing and small business projects throughout the state of Minnesota. This collaborative was the first in the country – focusing on a fixed income bond fund (part of RBC Global Access Management’s Community Access Capital). Today, MI3 has surpassed its original goal and now aims to reach $100 million.

For more information, see this presentation from RBC on Supporting BIPOC Communities through Impact Investing


Learn More

Learn more about the Impact Investing Peer Network
To learn more about how to get involved with the Impact Investing Network, contact Paul Masiarchin at 612.335.3418.

Join the Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3)
If you’re interested in becoming part of the Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3), or have questions about impact investing for your organization, email Susan Hammel.

Learn more about the Minnesota Impact Investing Initiative (MI3)
If you are a foundation (non MCF member of any size) or institutional investor seeking information (related to MI3’s financial performance) please contact Shivani Patel, Associate Director, Institutional Sales at RBC Global Asset Management, Inc. at 212.703.6222.