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Census & Democracy

MCF is committed to supporting a long-term Census and democracy infrastructure and an inclusive democracy that works for everyone. 

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MCF is committed to strengthening democratic systems and promoting civic participation. MCF is currently playing a leadership role in this area through the MN Census and Democracy Partnership.

About the Partnership:

After maintaining Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional district by 26 people, MCF and Voices for Racial Justice, along with our community partners, are motivated to build on the momentum of the 2020 Census and community-focused redistricting work to support a long-term Census and democracy infrastructure and an inclusive democracy that works for everyone.

The Partnership’s four goal areas are:

1. Advancing a more inclusive Census and democracy through education, advocacy, and organizing

  • Educating and advocating on Census and ACS funding and policy improvements that promote inclusion and a full count that captures our country's growing diversity
  • Supporting efforts to protect and improve voting rights and access

2. Centering historically undercounted and underrepresented communities

  • Centering historically undercounted and underrepresented communities, with a focus on Black, Indigenous, Latine, Asian, refugee, immigrant communities to promote inclusive democracy efforts.
  • Supporting and following the leadership of community leaders and using a racial equity lens when engaging on Census and democracy issues, creating partnerships, re-granting resources, and determining priorities.
  • Investing in and supporting long-term engagement in Census and democracy work among historically undercounted and underrepresented communities.

3. Strengthening civic infrastructure in Minnesota

  • Facilitating a successful transition from census and redistricting to a longer-term, inclusive democracy focus via the Minnesota Census and Democracy Partnership, bringing the relationships, leadership, momentum, and organizing work done to date into future Census and democracy-focused organizing and ongoing collaboration.
  • MCF and Voices for Racial Justice will lead around Census and ACS, and support and connect the Partnership to other important democracy issues such as voting rights, redistricting reform, etc.

4. Engaging Minnesota grantmakers

  • Expanding Minnesota philanthropic activity in the democracy arena
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Get Involved

To receive future updates about the Partnership contact May Yang.