Advocacy Agenda

Advocacy Agenda

MCF engages in advocacy and public policy as a means to advance and create the changes envisioned in its mission, vision, values and strategic plan.  Through advocacy and public policy activities we aim to (1) foster trust and understanding of philanthropy and serve as a reliable source of information for public officials, media, and the public, (2) actively promote legislation that grows and sustains philanthropy and charitable giving, (3) support members and key allies in their efforts to have an impact through public policy activities, with a particular focus on state level policy issues, and (4) 4espond to unique opportunities to address statewide policy issues to eliminate disparities that are reflective of barriers to creating a more prosperous, inclusive, and equitable Minnesota.

Public policy goals describe the long-term vision for MCF’s public policy activities.  Public policy principles describe long-term objectives that support MCF’s public policy goals.  The goals and principles are general and enduring statements that achange infrequently.  They form the primary organizing framework for MCF’s Legislative Statement and Annual Advocacy Agenda.

Goal 1: Expand philanthropy, charitable giving and Minnesota’s community of grantmakers

Supporting principles:

a.   Value and Role of Philanthropy – Recognize and support the role of foundations as stewards of resources for the public good to strengthen and improve the health and vitality of communities and citizens.

b.   Charitable Incentives – Encourage all people to give to charities of their choice without influence, restriction, or inequitable treatment. 

c.   Maximize Grantmakers’ Potential Impact – Encourage the growth, maintenance, and vitality of foundations and corporate giving programs.

d.   Oversight of the Sector – Promote effective, ethical and accountable management of charitable resources by foundations and corporate giving programs

e.   Advocacy and Capacity – Advocate for full participation of foundations, corporate giving programs, and nonprofits in public policy dialogue and advocacy that affects their organizations, communities, and the people they serve.

f.    Equitable Workplaces – Ensure the ability of grantmakers and MCF to fully perform their roles as equitable employers.

Goal 2: Create a more prosperous, inclusive and equitable Minnesota by eliminating disparities.

Supporting principles:

a. Bring Minnesotans together in collaborative efforts to create prosperity through positive changes that help all Minnesotans flourish, thrive and achieve success through:


       Human Services

       Civic Engagement and Civil Rights

       Community and Economic Development

       Arts, Culture and Humanities




       International Affairs

       Other activities that reflect MCF member grantmaking priorities

b. Promote inclusion and equity to create prosperity for all Minnesotans, and address root causes and barriers that result in disparities in how some Minnesotans are included in or experience the benefits of the State’s prosperity.


Are you interested in the issues addressed by these policies? Want to do more? Update your Congressional and legislative district contact information and interest fields on your MCF member page.


Public policy positions adopted by MCF are the positions of the Council and not of its individual members. 

 For more information contact Katina Mortensen, MCF Director of Public Policy: or 612-335-3597.