Giving in Minnesota

Giving in Minnesota is the Minnesota Council on Foundations' definitive report on charitable giving in Minnesota with the latest figures on grantmaking by individual donors, foundations and corporate grantmakers.

As grantmakers making a positive difference in the many communities you work with, having the best data at your fingertips will best inform your decisions. Minnesota Council on Foundations wishes for all of our members to best tap into resources, track engagement with communities and navigate a constantly changing landscape in Minnesota so that you’re making solid choices – no matter how big or small of a decision standing in front of you.

Like most organizations serving funders across this country, we have partnered with Candid.

It all starts with YOU sharing your giving data!

Your data will power valuable resources for your organization and our region including:

  1. Your OWN grant map—Receive an interactive map that visualizes your organization’s grantmaking. 
  2. Regional mapExplore a custom Minnesota-specific version of Foundation Maps to see your giving in context with your peers.
  3. Regional dashboardAccess a dynamically-updating giving dashboard that visualizes Minnesota grantmakers' most current giving priorities, populations served, and strategies.
  4. Giving report—Starting in 2020, MCF will bring back our Giving in Minnesota report and grantmaker rankings for the state.

Remember, better information benefits everyone but begins with each member owning their own story. Getting on the map is how you tell your story, your way.

How to share your data:

The Updater platform makes it easy to share your grants data in just 3 steps:

  1. Register for an Updater account. (Already have an account? Log in here.)
    Within 24 hours, new registrants will receive an email from Candid with login details. But, in the meantime, let’s get started!
  2. Export a complete list of your most recent grants data in a spreadsheet using the eReporting template.
  3. Once logged into Updater, submit your data in the “Upload Grants” section, AND, earn your reward (read on…).

As soon as Candid processes your data, you’ll receive your own interactive giving map!

Once you’re in Updater, take your profile to the next level:

Updater allows you to share a wealth of information about your organization, including: 

  • Basic Information: Organization name, address, phone number, and website
  • Work Categories: Your issue areas, geographic focus, target populations,
    and more
  • Fiscal Data: Current financial information (e.g., assets, expenses, giving, etc.)
  • People: Key officers, trustees and staff
  • Grant Applications: Deadlines, funding requirements and more
  • Programs: Detailed info on your direct program work
  • Grants: A list of your latest grants following our eReporting program guidelines


Have more questions?

For questions about Get on the Map, contact Candid at

For questions about MCF's involvement and your membership, contact Chris Oien at