Impact Investing Network: Mission-Aligned Investments in a Time of Uncertainty

Monday, April 24, 2023 10:00am - 11:15am CDT

Did you know that mission-aligned investments and program related investments (PRIs) can allow you to create outsized impact with your foundation's dollars, even in uncertain times? With high inflation, troubles in the banking sector, and ongoing war in Ukraine, there are plenty of negative pressures on the value of your investments.

Mission-aligned investments and PRIs can provide numerous benefits in today’s economy. For example, these investments can serve as:

  • A budgetary tool to extend your grant budget. When the investment is repaid, your grants budget is renewed.
  • A tool to diversify your assets. PRIs often provide a positive net return on investment.
  • A clear statement about your commitment to local businesses and to building wealth in communities that you care about.
  • The source of a great tax benefit for private foundations.

Join this Impact Investing Network session to:

  • Learn about the technical aspects of making a PRI
  • Hear stories from Minnesota funders who are making PRIs and mission-aligned investments in our communities
  • Get access to PRI resources that will make your work easier

New Standing Agenda Item: Investment Sharing Time. From 11:00 - 11:15, you can share:

  • Which kinds of impact investments you're seeking
  • Investments you're researching
  • Deals where you’d like to invite your peers to get involved, as appropriate

Impact Investing Network conversations are hosted by our co-chairs, Nikki Foster, Program Officer, Northwest Area Foundation and Daniel Lemm, Chief Financial Officer, Blandin Foundation along with Susan Hammel, CFA, MCF’s Executive in Residence for Impact Investing.

This is an MCF members-only briefing. Log-in details will be provided in your confirmation email. If you have questions about this meeting, please contact Paul Masiarchin,

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