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Registration FAQ

Your one-stop-shop for questions regarding event registration. 

Using the Online Registration System

How Do I Register for a Program?

To register for a program or event:

  • Visit the event page and look for the Enter Registrant Email field on the left. Enter your email address and click Register.
  • The website will check if your email address is eligible to register. If it is, you will go straight to check-out to enter in any needed details, and payment information for paid events.

How Do I Register Someone Else Within My Organization?

This feature is available to members only. Be sure you are logged in to your website account before trying to register your colleagues. When you are, there will be a "Select a Colleague" box underneath the Enter Registrant Email field. Click that box and select anyone else associated with your member organization. That person's email address will populate into the Email field. Then, hit the Register button and go through the checkout steps.

I Don't See the Person I Want to Register on the List. Why Not?

It's possible that the user you are trying to register doesn't have a website account yet. Please contact MCF by emailing or call 612.338.1989 to ensure the user has an account that is connected to your organization.

Cancellations and Illness

How Do I Cancel a Registration?

Registration must be canceled by emailing MCF at or calling us at 612.338.1989. Refunds will only be issued if you cancel by noon two business days before the program. If you do not attend an event and do not cancel in advance, no refund will be issued.

For free events, you may cancel your registration by logging in to your MCF account, selecting the "My Account" button in the top right corner of the page, selecting the blue arrow menu on the right side of the page, selecting "Registrations", then selecting "cancel" for the registration you wish to cancel.

What if I’m Sick on the Day of the Program?

Please stay home and send an email to to tell us that you are ill. Refunds will be issued, upon request, for individuals staying home to help prevent the spread of a contagious illness such as COVID or influenza.

What Happens if an Event is Cancelled?

MCF values the opportunity to connect you to programs that mobilize and strengthen your organization. If an event is cancelled due to weather, the pandemic, or unforeseeable circumstances, an MCF representative will contact you and/or a notification will be sent to the event registrant on file. Please be sure to visit the Calendar of Events for up-to-date event information, cancellations or adjustments.

What are the Public Health Policies for In-Person Events?

The Minnesota Council on Foundations takes seriously the health of staff, members, and other stakeholders. Therefore, we have instituted the following public health measures for in-person programming. We recognize that there are varying layers of prevention that mitigate the spread of contagious illness. Our public health strategy has been developed based on current infection rates, local requirements, and deep trust in our members to care for self and others.

MCF requires registrants to stay home if you are experiencing symptoms of contagious illness such as COVID-19 or influenza. Read our cancellation policy, above, for further details. Masks are optional and will be provided for anyone who chooses to wear a mask. 

MCF's Public Health Policies for in-person events are subject to change. Check this page for updates.

How Does MCF Decide Which Events are Offered as In-Person Versus Virtual Formats?

In order to offer programs that reach our full membership, MCF offers a mix of in-person and virtual events. Virtual events are our most common format and allow for the easiest participation from the broadest group of attendees. In-person events are offered less frequently and often feature a significant amount of interaction through discussions, networking and/or activities.

In most cases, events will be offered in only one format: virtually or in-person. We have found that this allows for the best experience of our attendees and the best use of resources, technologies and group activities. We offer hybrid events (i.e., simulcast an in-person event) on a case-by-case basis. For example, some in-person events with limited group activities may be suited for a hybrid format. Please direct your questions to Paul Masiarchin.