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Good Data Starts With You

1 p.m. - 2 p.m.


MCF Members Only

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As grantmakers, we’re constantly working to improve our impact in order to make a positive difference in communities. But how do you know if your grantmaking is working as intended? How can we work toward a more equitable state while making the most of the resources we have? We need data to use as a benchmark to track progress and inform our impact.

What data are available to answer questions of impact, and how can funders and grantees alike more diligently track and share this information? Good data isn’t happenstance. It takes lots of individual actions to help create the data that you use.

Join your MCF member peers as we partner with Candid to discuss MCF’s Giving in Minnesota Report and other tools powered by your giving data. During this webinar, we’ll dive into the tools that Candid has developed to help the sector track philanthropy’s local and national impact. We'll also hear about the current state of grants data collection, and the tools Candid uses and is developing to improve access to data in our sector. We will review best practices on data sharing and how you can maximize the impact of data collection and reporting through MCF and Candid. And we'll take a closer look at the data you have access to through MCF thanks to your membership with us.


Aleda Gagarin, VP of Influence, Candid

Laia Grino, Senior Director of Data, Candid


This session is open to all MCF members. In particular, the session may be interesting to learning & evaluation specialists and grant managers. Reach out to Chris Oien with questions, Log-in details will be provided in your confirmation email.

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