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Family Foundation Trustee Peer Network

8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
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The Family Foundation Trustee Peer Network offers a virtual gathering space for family foundation trustees to talk candidly with peers to address the unique aspects of family foundations. Sessions will be hosted and facilitated by Kristen Cullen, MCF Director of Membership and Communications. The participant-generated conversations will include discussion of topics that trustees are wrestling with, updates on issues in philanthropy and questions for others in similar roles. Send an email to Kristen Cullen, MCF Director of Membership and Communications, to register and to receive Outlook Calendar invitations for the upcoming meetings.

MCF offers over a dozen different peer networks for member engagement. The Family Foundation Trustee Peer Network was developed because family foundation members expressed interest to MCF staff. Peer networks provide opportunities for connecting individuals, in real-time and online. MCF’s peer networks are offered for MCF members who work at, or serve as trustees for, the same type of foundation or have similar job responsibilities or social identities to connect with peers, exchange information, and learn together.

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MCF connects members through peer and issue networks. Learn more by visiting the peer and issue networks area of our website.

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Whether you are a current member or a prospective member, Jill Chi, MCF's Member Engagement Manager, is looking forward to connecting with you. 

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