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Self-Assessment: Principles for Philanthropy

Identify strengths & areas for growth related to the Principles for Philanthropy.

The following self-assessment is offered as a tool to support organizational growth related to MCF’s Principles for Philanthropy. The self-assessment may be used in a variety of ways depending on your organization type, available time, and other considerations. We recommend that you engage your staff and board in using this tool to establish a baseline, and then once per year to track progress and provide direction for learning.

Do the Self-Assessment Now: Indicate how often you engage in each of the 72 behaviors and activities.

After you complete the self-assessment, you’ll receive an individualized report on your computer screen and via email as a PDF attachment. The report will guide you to prioritize up to three individual behaviors or activities to improve/expand. You may choose to focus on three behaviors within the same principle, for a concentrated focus. Or pick one behavior each in three different principles, for balanced growth. Set a timeline to achieve your goals. Return to complete the assessment each year, to measure ongoing growth over time.

For hundreds of ideas to help you implement the Principles for Philanthropy, visit Practice Resources. Or, for individualized support to take your learning to the next step, contact MCF directly,