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Transforming Organizational Culture Assessment Tool

The Transforming Organizational Culture Assessment (TOCA) tool can be a helpful instrument for deepening internal organizational work on advancing racial equity, by specifically addressing white dominant culture. As an assessment tool, TOCA can be used to begin or continue a discussion about the impact of an organization’s culture on individuals and systems and to begin to consider some ideas about how to align practices with the organizational racial equity and justice values. TOCA is developed by Maggie Potapchuk, MP Associates.

The TOCA tool has five sections:

  1. Information about the Survey Participant
  2. Being Explicit about Racial Equity in Organization’s Communications
  3. Talking about Racism, Power, and Privilege
  4. Identifying White Dominant Culture and Racially Equitable Practices
  5. Reflecting on Racial Equity Change Process - Individual and Organization

Download the tool now.

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