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Environmental Justice: Exploring the Intersection of Environment and Equity

Whether or not you’re an environmental funder, striving toward equity requires an understanding of environmental racism and environmental justice. Join your colleagues for an exploration of the intersection between environmental, cultural and economic justice. Sam Grant, Executive Director of MN350, will set the stage for thoughtful discussions about the intertwining nature of environmental issues and equity. Breakout rooms hosted by foundations actively exploring this intersection will give participants an opportunity to connect and identify action steps to support movement towards a more equitable, sustainable future.


  • Danyelle O'Hara, Community Relationship Officer, Mortenson Family Foundation
  • Becky Erdahl, Executive Director, Carolyn Foundation
  • Paul Odegaard, Philanthropic Advisor, Minneapolis Foundation
  • Brendon Slotterback, Program Officer, McKnight Foundation
  • Sam Grant, Executive Director, MN350
  • JoAnne Peters, Foundation Co-Director, Patrick and Aimee Butler Family Foundation

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Recorded March 18, 2021

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