Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing

Mission Investors Exchange and the Council on Foundations are thrilled to welcome you to the Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing: Reflections from the Field and Resources for Moving Forward. We are delighted that you are reading this Field Guide and discovering all the resources and connections that it has to offer community foundations interested in learning about, designing, and activating an impact investing program.

Community foundations serve people who share a common interest—improving the quality of life in their local areas. Given their place-based focus and commitment to activate resources to meet their missions, more and more community foundations are adding impact investments to their toolbox. Unlike grants, impact investments intend to generate both targeted social or environmental benefit and a financial return. To date, much of the impact investing literature geared towards foundations has focused exclusively on private foundations. As a public charity, a community foundation both raises money from and makes grants to the community it serves through discretionary and donor advised assets. We are pleased to present this comprehensive guide for the field that can assist community foundations with their impact investing efforts.

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