Signature Programs

CEO Retreat

Engage in meaningful dialogue and build lasting relationships with your CEO peers at our retreat taking place in fall 2017. Look for more details coming soon!

For more information, contact Levi Weinhagen: 612.465.0716 or

Essentials Series

The 2017 Essentials Series features the expertise of members and others on hard skills needed by foundation staff in a variety of roles. While providing basics on the topic, these programs will go far beyond, providing ideas and tools that participants will take back and apply immediately in their daily work.

The programs will begin with a member or expert panel and then allow breakouts by foundation type or topic to allow participants to dig into relevant Q&A with panelists and other members.


For more information, contact Levi Weinhagen: 612.465.0716 or


New Grantmaker Institute

(formerly Grantmaking for the 21st Century)

 DATE & TIME: Thursday, June 7, 2018 - 10:00am to Friday, June 8, 2018 - 4:00pm CDT
LOCATION: PFund Foundation, 2801 21st Ave S #132B, Minneapolis, MN 55407

The New Grantmaker Institute combines the hard and soft skills of effective philanthropy practice. This training is particularly geared toward individuals new to the field or looking to refresh their skills. Participants will reflect on the personal mission, identity and experiences they bring to the field while exploring the broader system in which the work happens. The history of philanthropy and emerging trends in the field will also be covered. Participants will walk away with new skills around navigating power dynamics, analyzing financials and bringing an equity lens to their work.

Registration is open now! REGISTER HERE

For more information, contact Levi Weinhagen: 612.465.0716 or


Public Policy Retreat

This June 16 retreat will explore the social contract society has made with philanthropy and the independent sector.

  • What is the social contract that supports public tax policies promoting charitable giving and nonprofits?
  • How, if at all, is the contract evolving?  
  • What role should philanthropy play in strengthening and upholding our democracy?
  • What is the "case statement" for the independent sector?

We'll explore these questions and more at the retreat. 

For more information, contact Bob Tracy: 612.335.3558 or