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Strengthen the effectiveness of your organization through MCF’s Signature Programs. Our programs are unique opportunities, curated specifically to dive into subjects that matter most to those who work within philanthropic spaces.

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Essentials in Philanthropy Series

The Essentials in Philanthropy Series features critical learning on skills and knowledge needed by foundation staff in a variety of roles. While providing promising practices on key topics in philanthropy, this series of programs goes beyond the basics, providing ideas and tools that participants will take back and apply immediately in their daily work. The following sessions encompass the Essentials in Philanthropy Series: 


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MCF’s Beyond the Basics, a series of four live online trainings, formerly known as the New Grantmaker's Institute, offers a deep-dive into the history and skills needed to understand and engage in effective philanthropic practice. This training is particularly geared towards individuals new to the field or looking to refresh their knowledge and skills. Participants will reflect on their personal mission, identity and experience they bring to the field while exploring the broader system in which the work happens - the history of philanthropy and emerging trends in the field. Participants walk away with new skills around navigating power dynamics, advancing effective philanthropy and bringing equity into their work. 

Sessions Include:

June 24, 2020 | Philanthropy 101: A Historical Context

Acknowledging the historical, social and cultural influences that have shaped modern philanthropy is necessary for responsible grantmaking. By examining the history of institutional giving in the U.S., reflecting on who we are, where we come from and the traditions that we follow, we can forge a stronger sector.


June 25, 2020 | Modern Perspectives in Philanthropy

Honest self-examination is good practice for even the most senior level executive. This session aims to shed light on the present-day landscape of philanthropy.


July 8, 2020 | Navigating Power and Social Identity in Philanthropy 

Identity matters. Whether we are aware of it or not, it shows up in life, at work and in our leadership. Understanding the attributes and beliefs that make us different from others can powerfully shape power, opportunity and outcomes in the organizations and communities we serve.


July 9, 2020 | Developing a Personal Strategy: Understanding Self, Role and System 

Moment to moment, grant makers are being called on to make decisions. This requires effective strategy and a strong understanding of individual strengths. Personal strategies can help grant makers manage a series of near-term situations: conducting a difficult conversation with a grantee; presenting a risky proposal to the board; or giving critical feedback to a grant seeker.


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Storytelling through Branding

Grant Reviews and Financials

Evaluating Impact

Legal 101