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MCF Releases 2021 Principles for Philanthropy


This year marks the 25th anniversary of MCF’s original Principles for Grantmakers, a set of standards created by and for our philanthropic sector. Today, MCF is pleased to share our newest version of this framework, the 2021 Principles for Philanthropy. We invite Minnesota's philanthropic sector to join in unity as we are guided by these common principles.

Over the past nine months, a task force of MCF members and nonprofit partners worked diligently to develop these principles, taking into account the times we’re in, and the current realities of our collective work. These principles recognize that there is a shift underway in how we think about our work – and how we interact with community. Among the many ideas contained in this framework, these principles highlight our responsibility to address inequities and systemic racism, to engage and share power with community, and  deploy more assets for community impact.

We invite MCF member institutions to adopt these principles as a part of your organizational and grantmaking values. The principles are designed to provide a developmental framework. You may find yourself and your organization at various places on the path of learning. Please wrestle with the concepts, share your questions, and dig in to learn more.

Here at MCF, we will host conversations about these principles to promote deeper understanding. We hope you will join us.

In partnership,

Susie Brown, President, Minnesota Council on Foundations

Aretha Green-Rupert, MCF Board Chair, Program Director, Carlson Family Foundation

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