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Integrated Capital Webinars

This members-only page offers access to Integrated Capital webinars, including recordings of CDFIs sharing information about the Integrated Capital Recovery Program.

Investing in Communities through Integrated Capital

Member Briefing: How to Make a Successful PRI

CDFI Session 1: BIPOC

Session 1 Slides

CDFI Session 2: Affordable Housing

Session 2 Slides

Handout from Greater Minnesota Housing Fund

CDFI Session 3: Innovative Solutions

Session 3 Slides

Note: Due to a recording error, this session starts part-way through the presentation by First Children's Finance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

CDFI Session 4: Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

Session 4 Slides

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EF VIDEO FINAL (web) from Danger Bird Productions on Vimeo.