Xiongpao "Xp" Lee

Xiongpao "Xp" Lee
Program Manager for Policy & Special Projects

Xp provides leadership for MCF members to help prepare Minnesota for the 2020 Census, and coordinates the work of the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership.

Xp comes to MCF with experience working on the 2020 Census. He is a member of the network that co-created, along with people from communities that are historically undercounted by the census, the Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership’s 2020 Census Communication and Mobilization Plan. This plan was developed with support by MCF members. Xp is also a leader of the Hmong American Census Network

His favorite superhero is Batman because Batman executes excellent strategies, and his favorite color is blue because it reminds him of the depth of the ocean.

Reach Xp by email at xplee@mcf.org or by phone at 612.465.0718.