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MCF Government Relations and Public Policy Committee: Tax Policy Subcommittee

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
11:00am - 12:00pm
Video Conference

The MCF Government Relations and Public Policy Committee created a Tax Policy Subcommittee after the passage of the 2017 federal tax law. This meeting is the tax policy subcommittee’s retreat. Exact agenda to be announced.

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National Conversations Ongoing on Impact and Potential Fixes to Charitable Giving After Federal Tax Reform

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Leaders in the independent sector have been heavily focused on the impact on tax reform on charitable giving ever since the 2017 tax reform conversations began. The expectation is that the 2017 tax reform will negatively impact charitable giving...

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House Renews Effort to Repeal Johnson Amendment

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We knew this would happen. Conservative GOP members of Congress, and in the House in particular, are going to use every opportunity they can find to slip repeal of the Johnson Amendment into any bill they can.  Now it's the 2019 appropriation...


MCF Members Advocate for Strengthening Charitable Giving In State Tax Discussion

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A Minnesota state tax bill that responds to the federal tax law is under discussion at the state legislature. The House Taxes Committee heard Governor Dayton's proposed tax bill in committee this week, and we expect that the House Taxes Committee...


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