D5 State of the Work 2012: The Road to Greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy

State of the Work 2012 explores milestones and stories in each of the four goal areas. It’s intended as a qualitative companion to the quantitatively focused State of the Work 2011.

Each section of the report focuses on work in one goal area. Within each section you’ll find a baseline analysis of where philanthropy is in this area, a progress report on D5’s work, stories or interviews based on work in the field, and preliminary lessons learned. On page 47, you will also find a glossary that defines various acronyms referenced in the report.

Throughout the report, we mention data that quantify the grantmaking support that goes to diverse communities, recognizing that the data are incomplete and imprecise. It is a central goal of D5 to increase the availability of diversity data and strengthen its reliability.

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