Resources for Action - Who Represents You?

Who Represents You?

This is one of the most important pieces of information you need to know as an advocate and a citizen. It is important information for us to know about you, as well. When we both know who represents you in Congress and in the Minnesota Legislature we can build effective relationships and be a trusted source of information for elected officials and their staff.

All you need is your home address and zip code to find out who represents you. 

Visit the Minnesota district finder, enter your address and zip code and then get the names, contact information and Congressional and legislative district numbers of the people who represent you.

Once you have found out who represents you where you live, do the same thing to find out who represents the community where you work.

Enter the Congressional and legislative district numbers for both your home and work representatives on your MCF member profile page. That way, we can help you stay informed and know if "who represents you" is doing their best to create a prosperous, equitable and inclusive Minnesota and to promote philanthropy and charitable giving.

You can find out more about your Congressional and legislative district, including maps and information about where to vote, at Who Represents Me?


Are you interested in advocacy and public policy? Want to do more? Update your Congressional and legislative district contact information and interest fields on your MCF member page.


 For more information contact Katina Mortensen, MCF Director of Public Policy and Communications at, 612.335.3597.