Shifting the Evaluation Paradigm: The Equitable Evaluation Framework

April 2021
The Equitable Evaluation Initiative (EEI) believes that evaluation has the ability to contribute to equity and that it must embrace definitions of rigor and validity that reflect the complexity of the work in which many are engaged. We are imagining what might be possible if evaluation were conceptualized, implemented and utilized in a manner in which equity is core and validity reflects 21st-century contexts and identities. The Equitable Evaluation Framework™ (EEF) is co-crafted and co-led by partners in philanthropy, evaluation and nonprofits, and it facilitates ways to engage institutions...

Getting to the Heart of Community: Creating a Culturally Responsive Evaluation Framework

February 2020
Evaluation is about documenting a legacy that perpetuates generations from now and the intent of this report is to present a process for communities or organizations wanting to design an evaluation framework that prioritizes their own values and objectives. The steps within this report are not intended to fit all communities or organizations, but to illustrate how one community did it (and are still doing it). Ultimately, this is both a celebration of how the Zuni Youth Enrichment Project reclaims evaluation methodologies and a specific case to share knowledge. The third part of this report...
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