Reimagining Membership Project

A Project Dedicated to Renewing MCF’s Membership Categories and Dues Structure


The Reimagining Membership Project – led by an ad-hoc committee of the MCF board, members, and staff – will consider ways to restructure MCF’s membership dues and categories. During the first half of 2020, the committee will:

  • Consider changes to MCF membership eligibility including categories and types of members.
  • Consider changes to MCF membership dues structure and levels.


It has become clear that the MCF membership dues model needs to be reviewed and refreshed. While it once made good sense to offer a single tiered scale to determine dues, today we recognize that there is significant nuance among the membership, and the model may no longer work. We are undertaking a process of discovery, discernment, and decision-making in 2020. Through this process, we expect a new dues model to emerge.


All MCF members were invited to share input through an online survey, in January and February 2020. That data is now being used by the committee to consider membership changes.

Reimagining Membership Committee: The work is being advanced by a committee of leaders of Minnesota’s philanthropic sector including MCF Board Members and non-Board senior foundation executives:

  • Eric Anderson, The Minneapolis Foundation
  • Ben Cameron, Jerome Foundation
  • Donna Dalton, Mortenson Family Foundation
  • Colleen Glenn, Land O'Lakes Foundation
  • Roger Green, Woodbury Community Foundation
  • Morgan Kinross-Wright, Land O’Lakes Foundation
  • Mary Karen Lynn-Klimenko, The Laura Jane Musser Fund
  • Kristi Nichols, Opus Foundation
  • Colleen O’Keefe, Sauer Family Foundation
  • Marcus Pope, Youthprise
  • Shirley Sneve, Tiwahe Foundation
  • Lindsay Stewart, Patterson Foundation
  • Caryl Turnow, Community Giving
  • Leslie Wright, Greater Twin Cities United Way
  • Mike Zumwinkle, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation


The committee will convene January through May 2020, approximately 4 meetings, 2-3 hours each. Additionally, MCF’s membership will be engaged through focus groups, an electronic survey and additional requests for feedback in early-2020.

At the same time, the MCF staff and board will also be busy refreshing the value of MCF membership through a renewed focus on meeting members’ needs. With a new team of staff focused on member engagement - you can expect to see various changes in programming and services over the next year.


The Reimagining Membership Project is guided by Ben Cameron, President of the Jerome Foundation and MCF Membership Committee Chair and Susie Brown, President of the Minnesota Council on Foundations. For further details, contact Susie at or 612-335-3557.