Reimagining Membership - Current Dues Model

Current Dues Model

Not sure where you fit? View a list of recent MCF members to see a breakdown of the new dues model by organization type (download the PDF)

A New Way to Calculate MCF Membership Dues

Philanthropic organizations are not all the same. That’s why, as of 2022 membership year, MCF reassessed member dues in several different ways – to best suit each organization type.

Our new dues model was developed with broad input from MCF members. We listened and created a new model with five distinct member categories.


The Minnesota Council on Foundations is a membership association that helps philanthropy be better together.

In 2020 - 2021, MCF began a process to reimagine its membership model through focus groups, discussions with other philanthropic associations, an all-member survey and a committee comprised of representatives from every type of foundation to better serve organizations of every size and structure. As a first step of the reimagining membership process, a new dues model was introduced beginning in the 2022 membership year. Through the new dues model, MCF offers customized dues calculations to meet the unique needs of each type of member.

The new model attempts to: stabilize dues for individual members who have seen past-year fluctuations; equalize dues between similar organizations; and offer a better, more predictable, member experience. By reimagining how dues are calculated, MCF is not increasing its overall revenue or shifting expenses.

The MCF Board and Membership Committee will continue to reimagine additional elements of MCF’s membership, including eligibility and benefits, over the coming year.


Please reach out with questions by contacting Kristen Cullen, MCF Director of Membership and Communications, If the new dues model creates a barrier for continued membership, foundations may reach out to Kristen to determine an implementation plan.