Advocacy Agenda

Advocacy Agenda

MCF engages in advocacy and public policy as a means to advance is purpose as a vibrant philanthropic community working collectively to advance prosperity and equity.

Through public policy advocacy and facilitation of civic discourse we seek to:

  1. Foster trust and understanding of philanthropy
  2. Actively promote policies that elevate the impact of philanthropy
  3. Support our members and key allies in their efforts to have an impact through a strategic focus on policy priorities that lead to a future of prosperity and equity for all Minnesotans.

MCF's Advocacy Agenda includes our advocacy priorities for the year, the narrow set of issues we are going to "lean into" with proactive commitment to make progress on creating change during the coming year.  

MCF's Public Policy Compendium is our full compendium of public policy positions. We have an ongoing commitment to monitor and act on the issues included in the Compendium.

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For more information, contact Katina Mortensen, Director of Public Policy or call 612.335.3597. 

Note: Public policy positions adopted by MCF are the positions of the Council and not of its individual members.