2020 Census and American Community Survey - Community Action


The Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership (MCMP) is a collaboration of organizations and individuals from throughout Minnesota who are working together to advocate for policies and resources to promote full participation by Minnesotans in the 2020 Census. 

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Members support the following principles:

  • Inclusion and equity creates prosperity for all Minnesotans.
  • Achieving full participation by Minnesotans in the 2020 Census and the American Community Survey promotes inclusion and equity.

Policy Goals

The Partnership supports policies and appropriations that advance the following policy goals:

  • Ensure a Census/ACS that is fair, accurate and reliable and fulfills its Constitutional purposes.
  • Enable (a) equitable allocation of power, and representation, (b) distribution of public resources to address equity gaps in communities and households, (c) “small D” democracy with data to make decisions and assess their impact, (d) economic growth and jobs development by providing information that businesses need to grow.
  • Achieve full participation by Minnesotans in the 2020 Census by implementing a Minnesota-focused communication and mobilization strategy that is supported through a broad-based, public/private/community partnership.
  • Create an ongoing community of thought-leaders working to sustain and ensure fair, accurate and reliable Census and American Community Survey.


There are two levels of membership in the Partnership:

  • Partner – Commit to principles, policies and partnership expectations (below).
  • Advisor – Commit to principles and policies. Provide research and technical support.

Partners and advisors renew their membership annually. (You can join or renew your memberhip here.)

Partnership Expectations

Each member commits to the following:

  • Allow their organization to be identified as member of the Partnership in public communication and advocacy activities.
  • Participate as a collaborator to support: (a) the Partnership's policy research and development and b) advocacy strategy and implementation.
  • Become a member of MACS 2020.


  • Coordinating leadership for the Partnership is provided by Minnesota Council of Foundations, MACS2020 and Common Cause MN.
  • The Leadership Team is responsible for guiding implementation of the Partnership's activities. Any partner can join the team. The team meets monthly. You can designate your interest in being a member of the Leadership Team when you join or renew your membership or by contacting us directly.
  • Partners and advisers are convened three to four time annually for advice and review of strategies and implementation to ensure adherence to the Partnership's principles and policy goals.
  • If you are a business or related professional association, you can participate through the Partnership's Census Business Roundtable. The Business Roundtable meets periodically. You can designate your interest in participating in the Business Roundtable  when you join or renew your membership or by contacting us directly.

The Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership is convened by Minnesota Council on Foundations, MACS2020 and Common Cause Minnesota.


Contact us by email or by phone at 612.338.1989.

MCF's work on the Census and ACS is supported by a grant from The Joyce Foundation.

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