President's Corner, Spring 2019

On behalf of the board of directors, I am thrilled to welcome Susie Brown as MCF’s president. As part of the search process the board and the search committee prioritized leading attributes most needed to progress MCF’s unique role in our vibrant philanthropic community. We looked to you, our members, to help define these essential characteristics to lead MCF. We heard that MCF needs a dynamic leader with the ability to understand and engage our rich diversity of membership, while providing vision and thought leadership to our broader charitable sector.

Susie embodies this leadership acumen with proven experience and reputation as a collaborative listener and change agent. She was the leading candidate, following a competitive search thoroughly diverse by race, gender, geography, and other factors. My deep gratitude to the search committee comprised of current and former board members, led by Susan Bass Roberts.

In partnership with Susie, the board is excited to look forward with visionary leadership as we build upon years of history to ensure MCF’s role as a vital, bold, and member-serving organization in Minnesota’s unique philanthropic landscape. As an organization, it’s our promise to you that we will continue to nurture relationships, share information on best practices in grantmaking, and advocate with a collective voice; all to advance the goal of ensuring that everyone is included in creating a more prosperous future for Minnesota.

Please join me in welcoming Susie. Be on the lookout for upcoming events and opportunities to become acquainted with her and learn more about her vision for our collective work.

Kim Borton

MCF Board Chair
Vice President of Grants & Donor Services
InFaith Community Foundation

As I’m getting settled in the role of President of the Minnesota Council on Foundations, one thing is certain—I’m delighted to be here with you, this vibrant philanthropic community collectively advancing prosperity and equity. Our mission is clear and compelling, and the dynamic and challenging aspects of our work together is what will make a difference in our communities.

The transition we are undergoing is exciting. We have wonderful assets to build on, including: a strong and committed membership; a solid foundation for our diversity, equity and inclusion work; a strategic orientation toward future-thinking; a lead role in the critical effort to get an accurate 2020 Census count; a solid organizational infrastructure; and terrific leadership of MCF’s board of directors and committees. It’s an exceptional time at MCF!

In the next several months I look forward to getting to know you. I’ll be traveling the state to talk with our members and learn about what MCF can do for you. I hope you will share your ideas, desires, needs and vision. And please, reach out to me at any time at or 612.335.3557. I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Susie Brown
MCF President