WCA Foundation Releases New Grant Guidelines Effective in 2018

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The WCA Foundation is pleased to announce it has new grant guidelines that take effect for the May 1, 2018, application deadline. (Past guidelines remain through the November 1, 2017, deadline.)

Beginning in 2018, in its responsive grantmaking WCA Foundation will now fund organizations and projects:

  • In the Twin Cities 7-county metropolitan area

  • That provide direct services to women 18 years and older

  • With priority given to education, economic stability, shelter, safety and health

Guideline changes are based on a 2017 Strategic Planning process.

In June, The WCA Foundation completed its new strategic plan. This plan will serve as the root of the work of WCA Foundation over the next five years. It is our expectation that the Strategic Plan and its components--core principles, values, mission, strategic vision, goals--will create a shared vision for members, clarify the role of the WCA Foundation, identify opportunities to strengthen our impact on the lives of women through our grants, and respond to the changing needs of the community.

“This work was not undertaken lightly or arbitrarily. We consulted a variety of resources and surveyed all our stakeholders. We engaged in thoughtful and robust discussions, at the heart of which was always the desire to do the best work possible for the community about which we all care deeply.” Marcy Jefferson, WCA Foundation Planning Chair.


To learn more and apply for a grant from WCA Foundation, please use the online application at www.wcafoundation.org. Application deadlines going forward remain May 1 and November 1.


About the WCA Foundation

Founded in 1866, the WCA Foundation is the oldest benevolent nonprofit organization in Minnesota. Over its long history it has evolved into a private foundation which makes grants to organizations and projects in the Twin Cities 7-county metropolitan area that provide direct services to women 18 years and older to meet their fundamental needs with priority given to education, economic stability, shelter, safety, and health.

The WCA Foundation is led by all-female volunteer leadership and two full-time staff. www.wcafoundation.org