Tiwahe Foundation Hires Deanna StandingCloud as Program and Community Network Director

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Deanna StandingCloud, new program and community network director at Tiwahe Foundation, introduces herself.

Boozhoo, Relatives! Mii'gwech for a warm welcome to my new position as the Program and Community Network Director here at Tiwahe Foundation. My community has been very supportive in my transition into my new role in the philanthropic world. It is truly an honor to be a part of such a wonderful organization.

I started on February 1st and hit the ground running to make great connections in my work. I will be spearheading much of the work with the American Indian Family Empowerment Program, as well as connecting Native leaders statewide to the Minnesota Native Alumni Network. My vision moving forward is to support our Native communities across the state. All too often, we are not able to have the space to work through our Indigenous cultural lens when working towards advancing our communities. Through this network, we will collaboratively work together, sharing opportunities, information and resources. These practices are more Indigenous, therefore, often more natural to our work. I also see our Native communities throughout Minnesota becoming a best practice model for Native Leadership networking in Indian Country.

We are evolving as Indigenous people, so the time is now to take on leadership roles to carry our cultural values into the future. I look forward to working together to create positive changes in our communities! Mii'gwech & Pidamiyaye, Deanna StandingCloud

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