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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rural Issues Expected to Play Key Role in 2016 Legislative Session
Development in Greater Minnesota is going to be a centerpiece of the policy and the politics in St. Paul when the legislature convenes in March. MinnPost provides a brief overview of the issues and the politics.

Working Group on Economic Disparities in Minnesota
The talk about a special session has really provided the framework for legislative committees to come together as working groups to prepare to move quickly during the 2016 short session.
Visit the group’s web page to listen to hearing testimony and to find documents representing the ideas of a wide range of groups seeking to address inclusion and equity in Minnesota.

In What Promises to Be a Hard-fought Election Year, What Might Congress Actually Accomplish?
The hope is for Congress to take a stab at making the regular budget process work and deliver on the talk of coming together to get something done on consensus issues like judicial reform. MinnPost reports on what the experts say might happen, though with a skeptical tone.

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