Patterson Foundation Awards Hope Dental Clinic $100,000 For New Location

Thursday, June 1, 2017

At its April board meeting, the Patterson Foundation awarded Hope Dental Clinic, a free dental service clinic, $100,000 in grant funding. The grant will help fund the design and build-out of a new clinic location on the east side of St. Paul.

Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities, the parent organization of Hope Dental Clinic, currently provides over 5,000 appointments per year to low-income families with the help of volunteer dental professionals and a small professional staff. Hope Dental Clinic is becoming its own nonprofit organization this year and will continue providing care to the underserved in the Twin Cities community.

“With the support from the Patterson Foundation, we’ll be able to relocate the clinic and serve a greater number of patients who do not have access to adequate dental care,” said Jessica Flotterud, Executive Director of Hope Dental Clinic, Union Gospel Mission Twin Cities. “By giving free, professional dental care to these patients, we can relieve them of the pain associated with dental problems and help improve their overall health.”

The grant will support the construction of the new 3,000-square-foot location, including architectural design, general contracting, plumbing, electrical, lighting, cabling and moving costs to relocate the clinic.

“One of the goals of the Patterson Foundation is to provide access to quality dental care to those in need,” said Michelle Mennicke, Manager, Patterson Foundation. “We’re eager to see the new clinic come to life and witness the positive impact it will have on the community.”

The Hope Dental Clinic team aims to treat 2,500 dental patients in the next year with the help of 600 dental professional volunteers.

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