Otto Bremer Trust Awards $50.5 Million in Grants and Program-Related Investments in 2018, Highest in its History

Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Otto Bremer Trust awarded $50.5 million in grants and program-related investments in 2018 to 591 organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin.

“We continue to integrate our work at the intersection of finance and philanthropy,” said Daniel C. Reardon, Co-CEO and Trustee, OBT. “Our unique structure as charitable trust and bank holding company allows us the opportunity to support communities across the region in a multitude of ways.”

OBT invests in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest. Through its 92 percent ownership of Bremer Bank and a carefully managed investment portfolio, OBT has grown its assets from $2 million in 1944 to more than $1.1 billion in 2018. During that time, OBT has made grants and program-related investments of more than $700 million to organizations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin.

OBT’s impact can be seen in important social benefits as well as financial returns that can then be reinvested in organizations that address identified needs. In 2018, OBT continued its commitment to providing innovative financial solutions, combining grants, program-related investments, and mission-driven investments, to help organizations further invest in critical infrastructure and long-term vision.

For a complete list of grants and program-related investments made during 2018, see

The Otto Bremer Trust, based in St. Paul, Minn., is a private charitable trust established in 1944 by founder Otto Bremer, a successful banker and community business leader. OBT owns 92 percent of Bremer Bank and also manages a diversified investment portfolio. The mission of OBT is to invest in people, places, and opportunities in the Upper Midwest. Since its inception, OBT has invested more than $700 million in organizations throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, and western Wisconsin.