MN Request for $2.5 Million State Investment in 2020 Census

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

(Updated:  May 5, 2019)  The Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership, co-convened by MCF, is seeking an appropriation of $2.5 million from the state to help prepare Minnesota for the 2020 Census.  The appropriation will help address some of the unique challenges associated with the 2020 census, including getting information to hard to reach households such as rural P.O. Boxes and apartments, adapting to the first digital census, mobilizing historically undercounted communities, and economically providing services such as translation support to communities and localities organizing for the 2020 count in Minnesota. In addition to the state appropriation, the bill changes state statute to ease apartment building access by census workers.

A copy of the bill and summary descriptions of the appropriation can be downloaded from below. (Updated May 5, 2019 to include State Government Finance Omnibus Bill / Senate & House Side-by-Side Comparison.)

The lead author in the Minnesota House is Rep. Jamie LongSen. Jim Carlson is the Senate lead author.  Governor Walz included census funding in his budget. 

MCF is also raising funds from its members to support community-based organizing and mobilization activities.  These activities are intended to support implementation of the Minnesota 2020 Census Community and Mobilization Plan.

MCF members can contact Bob Tracy or Katina Mortensen on MCF’s public policy team to help reach out to state legislators who might be potential co-authors for the census bill, or for information about how to contribute to the community-based organizing and mobilization effort.  MCF public policy agenda supports a fully inclusive, nonpartisan and accurate 2020 Census. This is part of our policy goal to promote a prosperous Minnesota through inclusion and equity by strengthening democratic systems and engagement.

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