McKnight Aims to Transform Energy Systems in Second-Quarter Grantmaking

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Protecting our planet so everyone can thrive requires transforming how we produce and use electricity. The McKnight Foundation supports bold action on the climate crisis, recognizing the urgent need to reduce carbon pollution, at scale, as quickly as possible in the Midwest. Through its Midwest Climate & Energy program, McKnight supports clean energy policies, regulatory changes, and market and technological changes that will advance more carbon-free energy sources, in order to dramatically cut carbon pollution in the Midwest by 2030.

In McKnight’s second-quarter 2021 grantmaking, the board awarded 111 grants totaling $20.7 million. Of that sum, $6.5 million went to support grantees in the Midwest Climate & Energy program, with a focus on strengthening democratic participation, transforming the energy system, and electrifying transportation and buildings.

“The Midwest Climate & Energy program preserves and improves the quality of life in the Midwest through sustained investment in climate and energy leadership in this region,” said McKnight board chair Noa Staryk. “At this pivotal moment in human history, we are proud to support our partners in advancing these ambitious climate goals.”

Through grants, investments, convening, and community engagement, the Climate program supports efforts that build power through partnership. “The McKnight Foundation, in partnership with others, has a powerful role to play in transforming our energy system,” said Tonya Allen, president of the Foundation. “Together, we can reduce carbon pollution, at scale, in a way that equitably creates millions of jobs and billions of dollars in new investments.”

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