MCF Members Advocate for Strengthening Charitable Giving In State Tax Discussion

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A Minnesota state tax bill that responds to the federal tax law is under discussion at the state legislature. The House Taxes Committee heard Governor Dayton's proposed tax bill in committee this week, and we expect that the House Taxes Committee will likely release their proposed tax bill next week.

MCF and its members have actively been engaged in advocating that any state tax bill should address the unintended charitable giving consequences of the new federal tax law and support Minnesota’s tradition of charitable giving and philanthropy.

Today, MCF along with 21 community foundation leaders delivered a letter to the House Taxes Committee encouraging the inclusion of HF2339 (Rosenthal) – Endow MN Tax Credit and HF3464 (Davids) – Charitable Giving Tax Deduction Expansion in the House tax bill. [Letter shown below]

Thank you to our members for using your collective voice to support charitable giving and philanthropy in Minnesota!