MCF Hosts Census Briefing for Minnesota's New Congressional Staff

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

MCF hosted a briefing on the census for MN congressional office staff on February 21.The session covered the following:  (a) Impact of census on MN), (b) federal issues, and (c) state organizing, policy and funding and how to organize congressional state and district offices to support the census. The briefiing was follow-up with a day of 1:1 meetings in each of the Congressional district offices to secure support for full funding for the 2020 census and to address the problems with adding a citizenship question. Participating in the briefing were representatives from MACS 2020, The Census ProjectReady Nation / Council for a Strong America (business advocates), National Congress of American Indians, and National League of Cities.

We shared these resources with the Congressional offices staff. You'll find them useful, too

2010 Census Response RatesMinnesota had an 81% response rate in 2010; the second highest in the nation. But, counties in the northern part of the state had notably lower responses rates, suggesting a special effort will be needed to get the count out in these areas in 2020.

Hard to Count PopulationsWant to know where to target communication and outreach efforts? This tool provides detailed community profiles to help identify where historically undercounted communities are most likely to be located. Data can be searched by state, county, town, census tract, congressional district and state legislative district.

Apportionment ProjectionsRAccording to Election Data Services, if approtionment were conducted today Minnesota would be number 437 in line for Congressional seat assignments.  We'd lose a seat.  However, if population trends continue, Minnesota could land at number 434 in 2020 and would continue to have eight Congressional districts.

Federal Fund AllocationsCounting for Dollars report documents $15.5 billion in federal funds from 22 programs allocated to the State of Minnesota based on census data.

Appropriation RequestsLink to The Census Project’s website for current updates on appropriation requests. Right now, it looks like the approriation will need to at least double from 2019 to 2020 -- estimated at $8 Billion, just to ramp up for the 2020 Census.  

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