Jerome Foundation Awards $599,640 to 36 Early Career Filmmakers in New York City and Minnesota

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Jerome Foundation is proud to announce the 2021 grantees in its Film, Video and Digital Production and Artist Development programs.

This program supports all stages of production for the creation of new narrative, documentary, experimental or animated works in film, video or digital formats by early career filmmakers in Minnesota and New York City. For this round, a new Artist Development program was created for filmmakers in Minnesota.

Out of 296 applicants, 22 Grantees and 14 finalists were selected by a separate New York City panel and Minnesota panel, and authorized by the Jerome Foundation Board.
Commitment to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Jerome Foundation examines its grantmaking through an equity, diversity and inclusivity lens to ensure our commitment to EDI is realized in action in every dimension of the organization. The demographics we are attentive to include race, gender, generation and physical ability. See the demographics for both grantees/finalists for New York City and Minnesota on our website. 
New York City Production Grantees
•    Suha Araj, for the comedy Khsara (Pickled)
•    Sarah Friedland, for the narrative film Familiar Touch
•    Adrian Garcia Gomez, for the experimental animation Las Catas
•    Travis Gutiérrez Senger, for the documentary ASCO: Without Permission
•    Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich, for the experimental narrative Madame Negritude
•    Nadav Kurtz, for the documentary Untitled Sam Project
•    Eunice Lau, for the documentary Son of the Soil
•    Dean Colin Marcial, for the narrative film Green Gorillas
•    Kristian Mercado Figueroa, for the narrative film Mataron A Pedro (They Killed Pedro)
•    Yasmin Mistry, for the animated and live action documentary Together (working title)
•    Suneil Sanzgiri, for the experimental documentary Two Refusals (working title)
•    Illya Szilak and Cyril Tsiboulski, for the experimental narrative film (shot within virtual reality) Fly Angel Soul
•    Jingjing Tian, for the narrative film Kid C

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Additionally, nine finalists received grants for their productions: 
•    Sisa Bueno, for the lyrical documentary For Venida, For Kalief
•    Natalie Gee, for hybrid narrative and experimental film Buried
•    Ash Goh Hua, for the experimental documentary The Feeling of Being Close to You 能靠近你的感觉
•    Sonia Malfa, for the coming-of-age drama It’s Always Sunny
•    Kate Marks, for the adventure/comedy The Cow of Queens
•    Hedia Maron, for the documentary Before Us
•    Rafael Samanez, for the docuseries My Existence is Resistance
•    Nova Scott James, for the documentary Wild Darlings Sing The Blues (And it’s a Song of Freedom)
•    Taryn Ward, for the comedy Broken Goods

Minnesota Production Grantees

•    Tommy Franklin, for the documentary You Don't Know My Name
•    Tahiel Jimenez Medina, for the narrative short My Mama Can’t Swim
•    Shen Xin, for the science fiction narrative Solar Wheels of the Steppes
•    Rhiana Yazzie, for the narrative film Wounspe Wankatya: A College Education
Minnesota Artist Development Grantees
•    Raven Johnson, for the related project Ruby: Portrait of a Black Teen in an American Suburb (working title)
•    Atlas O. Phoenix, for the related project Beautiful Boi
•    Maribeth Romslo, for the related project Growing Up In A Pandemic (Animated Audio Stories)
•    Kazua Melissa Vang, for the related project The Chaperone

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Additionally, three finalists received grants for their productions: 
•    Joua Lee Grande, for the documentary Spirited
•    Effy Kawira, for the narrative film Apartment 208
•    Deacon Warner, for the documentary Rethinking Security
Two finalists received grants for their artist development activities: 
•    John Mbanda, for the related project Red Earth
•    Dan Yang, for his untitled project