The Jay & Rose Phillips Foundation of Minnesota Approves Over $2 Million in Education Funding

Thursday, July 19, 2018

In June, The Jay & Rose Phillips Foundation of Minnesota's Trustees approved a group of grants that continue and expand the Foundation's commitment to supporting student-centered learning in North Minneapolis schools.

  • Patrick Henry High School- with support from a 3-year grant of up to $1,015,872, Patrick Henry High School will launch a social justice oriented project-based learning academy to provide an innovative culturally relevant curriculum option to students who will benefit from real world experiential learning.  When fully enrolled, this school-within-a-school will serve upwards of 250 student.
  • Olson Middle School- A 3-year grant of up to $911,040 will enable Olson Middle School to implement its "My Story/My Brilliance" project.  This school-wide initiative combines student journaling, personalized instruction, and additional counseling resources to create a customized and supportive learning pathway through middle school.
  • Other grants approved at this meeting will provide continued support for culturally-responsive practices at Franklin Middle School ($75,000), and an ongoing partnership between Reve Academy and North Community High School ($32,400).
  • Pillsbury United Community- A 2-year grant of $70,000 will continue to support an education and small business beat reporter at "North News", as well as youth journalism.