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Giving Forum is back as a visually rich magazine. Filled with color photographs, illustrations by local artists and in-depth looks at issues addressed by the philanthropic community every day, Giving Forum is here to provoke conversation today with an eye toward tomorrow. 

Giving Forum is published twice annually. It is distributed to MCF members, including 2,500 leaders, trustees and staff of Minnesota’s top foundations and corporate giving programs. A digital version of each issue is available online and accessible to anyone with an interest in Minnesota grantmaking, including those associated with nonprofits, consulting groups, state government and others. 

Published since 1980, Giving Forum has evolved from a newsletter into a visually rich magazine with a pronounced editorial voice, a diverse group of writers and contributors, engaging storytelling, and a thought-provoking, motivational and aspirational tone. 

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Giving Forum Magazine Advertising

Reach nearly 150 MCF member organizations in Minnesota’s philanthropic community by advertising in the 2020 Giving Forum Magazine. This year’s issue will highlight MCF’s 50-year anniversary as a commemorative digital/print magazine that illuminates philanthropy’s past, present and future. Explore our 2020 advertising options below.


Advertising Due Dates

2020 Giving Forum Magazine ad artwork is due by September 18, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. Ad space is currently offered on a first come, first served basis. Please email advertising artwork and direct Giving Forum Magazine questions to MCF Marketing and Communications Manager, Erin Jordan or call 612-465-0716.