Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation College Scholarship Deadline Approaches

Monday, December 30, 2019

The Jan. 15 deadline for high school seniors and college students to apply for scholarships through the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation is rapidly approaching. With nearly $900,000 available to be awarded in 2020, officials urged students to act quickly so they can be considered for an award.  
The Community Foundation administers about 70 scholarships, each with its own criteria, offering opportunities for nearly every applicant. A list of scholarships and all application materials are available at dsacommunityfoundation.com/scholarships. 
“Over the past several years, the Scholarship Committee and the Board of Trustees have worked to diversify our scholarship offerings,” said Bethany Owen, chair of the Community Foundation Scholarship Committee. “Scholarships are not only for the 4.0 students. We are so pleased that many new awards specifically recognize the resiliency and accomplishments of those who’ve weathered challenges on their path toward higher education.” 
But with the deadline less than a month away, now is the time to start an application. The first step is to complete the eligibility quiz. That series of about 20 questions will help students determine scholarships for which they can apply. After that, applicants should continue with the remaining questions, paying particular attention to the essays. Other parts of the application requiring special attention are the letters of recommendation and financial need documentation. An important piece of advice for applicants is to give themselves enough time and not to wait until the last minute. 
Some new or particularly noteworthy scholarships include:

  • The Duluth Airmen Scholarship, for children of members of the 148th Fighter Wing
  • The Duluth Builders Exchange Legacy Scholarship, for students interested in pursuing careers in the trades
  • The Greg Irons Award, for Duluth high school seniors who help their classmates succeed
  • The Kenneth and Concetta Schoen Scholarship, for Duluth public school seniors who have recently determined that they want to attend college 
  • The Hubert A. Nelson Scholarship, for graduates of Duluth and Superior high schools to study business or accounting at the University of Minnesota Duluth or the University of WisconsinSuperior
  • The Minnesota Power Positively Powerful Scholarship, for current college students in the Minnesota Power service area who will contribute to the region’s vibrancy  
  • The Jeanne Hemmingway Scholarship, for present and future UMD students who have experienced adversity  
  • The Fox 21 Strength in the Community Foundation, for high school seniors living in the viewing area of KQDS-TV with cumulative GPAs between 2.5 and 3.5.  
  • The Saturn Systems Scholarship, for graduating seniors planning to study computer science at UMD  The William E. Barto Scholarship, for graduates of Duluth or Superior high schools who will attend UMD or UWS and major in the arts
  • The Barrows, Chos and Hartley Scholarships, three scholarships with varying criteria for students of Eveleth-Gilbert High School
  • The Walter and Anna Soneson Scholarship, for Protestant graduates of Duluth public schools who will attend a college or university in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois or Indiana
  • The Asselin and Modern Woodmen Scholarships, two scholarships for local college students who have a dependent of their own
  • The Robert B. and Sophia Whiteside Scholarship, for students graduating in the top 10 percent of the senior class at a Duluth high school 

“At first glance, the application might seem a bit intimidating, but the selection committees make use of every last piece of information,” said David Hammer, Scholarship Officer at the Community Foundation. “That’s why it is so important to start early and to be sure everything is correct. Don’t just type everything in and hit the ‘send’ button. Print it and have a parent, teacher or counselor proofread everything first. With as much as $20,000 on the line for some scholarships, it’s worth the extra effort.” 
ABOUT THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION: The Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation encourages private giving for the public good. It is a permanent community endowment, built by gifts from hundreds of individuals and organizations. Guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees, it makes grants to nonprofit organizations and to individuals for scholarships while providing leadership on important community initiatives in northeast Minnesota and northwest Wisconsin. Since its inception in 1983, the Community Foundation has distributed more than $58 million and has established more than 420 funds, each with its own charitable purpose. For more information, please visit dsacommunityfoundation.com.