Build on the Love People Have for Where They Live

Thursday, May 19, 2016

By Susan Hammel, MCF executive in residence, Mission Investing

In Chicago, foundations, donors and individuals are coming together to benefit the city they love. Benefit Chicago is the latest example of extreme collaboration in which good people come together to not just meet, but to get something done. They aim to put $100 million to work in the community to fill the unmet need for financial capital in the social sector. 

What happens when foundations and others collaborate? 

Minnesota is proof that collaboration between local organizations and foundations can generate groundbreaking change. Our own Central Corridor Funders Collaborative has been incredibly successful in using the creation of the Green Line light rail to drive neighborhood development. The Northside Funders Group leverages its collaborators' diverse perspectives and depth of knowledge in order to maximize their social impact in North Minneapolis.

In Chicago, the visionaries who run the MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Community Trust and Calvert Foundation came together over years of planning to create a unique partnership allowing individuals and institutions to give back to their own community through as little as a $20 investment. 

The positive side of Minnesota Nice is we already know how to work together. Congrats to our friends in the windy city. Tweet or email me with your ideas for what can work here!

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