A Better, Easier Way to Connect with Peers

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

By Katina Mortensen

At MCF’s Philanthropy in Action conference in January, we announced our new collaborative philanthropy model. The model aims to better support members in learning, networking, collaborating and acting together.

Seven months into this work, member engagement is off to a strong start. There have been nearly 500 posts and questions shared across all of MCF’s collaborative philanthropy groups on the Hub. While MCF staff has obviously contributed significantly to that overall number, more than 115 MCF members have asked questions and shared resources and updates on the Hub. Members have also responded to one another 150 times to share advice and answer peer questions.

The three new working groups [Democracy, Rural, Disaster Philanthropy] that were announced at the beginning of this year have also been growing, averaging a 33% increase in group membership since the Hub rolled out at the end of January 2017.

MCF is pleased with this strong start for the collaborative philanthropy strategy and the Hub, and we also recognize that there is always room for continued improvement. In that vein, we’re excited to announce three updates, and we anticipate the Hub will continue to evolve in 2018.

  • Hub Access on MCF’s Home Page. Rather than navigating to the collaborative philanthropy tab, you can now access the Hub on our home page.
  • Poll Feature. Creating a one-question poll directly on the Hub is now available.
  • Leader Board. A leader board has been added to the home page of the Hub as a fun way to recognize our Hub super-users! Each time you engage with your peers on Hub you earn points to recognize the contributions you are making to your peers.

We want to say a big thank you to the early Hub adopters, and we invite all MCF members to continue to explore and use the Hub. The Hub Quick Start Guide is a great place to get started, and the collaborative philanthropy tab has everything you need to find and connect to networks and groups of interest.

Happy connecting!