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McKnight Foundation Commits to Net Zero Across $3 Billion Endowment

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The McKnight Foundation today committed to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across its $3 billion endowment by 2050 at the latest. McKnight, a leading funder of climate solutions in the Midwest, is the country’s largest private...

Help Reduce the Racial Wealth Gap by Investing in Families, Homes and Small Businesses

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Throughout the U.S. the racial wealth gap is staggering. The average wealth of a Black household (2019) stood at 20 cents for every dollar held by White families. For Native American families, it was 15 cents (2020). Huge racial disparities exist...

Minnesotans Prepare Public-Private Partnership for Afghan Resettlement

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Minnesota has a long tradition of welcoming people seeking safety. Over the coming months, the state could resettle over 1,000 Afghan people, if the resources come together. A resettlement of this size and scope will be a historic effort in...


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