Start a New Program

As a member of MCF, you may initiate a new program to connect, strengthen and mobilize the sector. The value of MCF comes from your active involvement and leadership. Contact Paul Masiarchin to explore ideas.

Member-Initiated Briefings: A one-time, non-fundraising event initiated by MCF members, and co-created with a member of the MCF staff with the purpose of connecting, strengthening or mobilizing the philanthropic sector. 

Peer Networks and Issue Networks: Peer Networks and Issue Networks may be initiated on an exploratory basis by MCF members and co-created with a member of the MCF staff. As a member-initiated network, MCF will host 3 or 4 gatherings over a year. After a year, group participants and MCF staff will determine if there’s enough interest and mission-match to continue as an MCF program. Networks may start as a one-time Member-Initiated Briefing – to gauge interest across MCF’s membership.